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Skeptic Says I'm Full of Hot Air – Who Is Right?

 Now IS the Time to Build Value and Create Your Own Potent ‘Authority’ Brand This is the final post in the 4 part series on value building.  Read the last one here – Network Marketers Deluding Themselves. This series has been about what I call the value building imperative.  Whether you’re an affiliate marketer or … Read more

Network Marketers Deluding Themselves Again

Network Marketers NOT Building Their Own Business This is the third in the series on Value Building.  My last post on the topic can be be found here, Investing In Someone Else’s Value Rather Than Your Own. I stirred up a hornets nest with my value based theme this week.  However many seem to like … Read more

Investing In Someone Else's Value Rather Than Your Own (Why It's Wrong)

Create Sustainable Income By Building YOUR Value This is a continuation of the series that started with my post referencing top marketer Daegan Smith Recently I posted on my Facebook wall this question: “Why do so many home business folk invest SO MUCH time, money and energy into someone else’s value (rather than create their … Read more

How to Be Seen As An Expert Without Being One

How to Create the Perception of Expertise Introduction You don’t HAVE to be an expert to be regraded highly in your chosen niche.  Perception is everything and if your audience perceives you as having authority they’ll more than likely regard you as an expert. Of course many people have expertise simply as a result of … Read more

Daegan Smith? Regrets, He's Had a Few

Daegan Smith Fesses Up About His Internet Marketing Travails Internet marketing guru Daegan Smith is an interesting character.  A brilliant marketer with a colorful background (ex wrestler, failed internet marketer, now reborn), Daegan recently told the story of how his million dollar a year income went down the gurgler due to problems with payment processors.  … Read more

Your Regular Marketing Skinny #14

Your Regular Marketing Skinny To save you time, here is a summary of the best recent content items from my blog. Here it is: 1. The Biggest Mistake Newbie Marketers Make CLICK HERE 2. Top Seven Things I Would Do Differently To Grow My Business Online CLICK HERE 3. 9 Hot Marketing Tips – The … Read more